How to become a massage therapist

Want to become a massage therapist? There are some factors to consider and I will discuss them with you in this article, so pay close attention! First of all, I have a question for you. Have you ever noticed how massage therapists will often add the label CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) or LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) next to their titles when they advertise their services online or in print? I have to admit that I had initially regarded these as interchangeable labels that more or less carried the same meaning, but in the back of my mind I always questioned that belief. Finally, I decided that I would have to find out once and for all what both of these labels specifically refer to and as it turns out, they are different.

CMT BadgeTherefore, before we discuss the process of obtaining your license as a massage therapist, we should clearly establish what it means to be certified or licensed. Massage therapist certification is acquired through specialized training schools and programs upon successful completion of the course. After passing the final examination, the student has officially become a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and would be permitted to practice massage therapy in the county or state in which their course work was completed. In contrast, the Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) title applies to massage therapists with a business license that is specific to the county or state in which the license has been issued. As an example, I will use a real person I know that works as a massage therapist in Walnut Creek, California and a fictional person to differentiate a CMT and LMT. Kate Henderson is a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) that took classes in East Bay of California. During the day, she works at Joan’s massage practice in Danville, a nice and quiet town located in the East Bay as well. Joan obtained a license for her Danville-based practice and Kate’s certification is what allows her to perform massage within that establishment.

When someone is aspiring to become a massage therapist, it is important to research the different specialized training programs and schools offered in their area because with so many different massage techniques today, different schools will have more emphasis on certain techniques than others. If you aren’t sure what style is right for you, you could get a few massages yourself, watch videos that show different techniques on YouTube, or even practice different massages on friends and family to determine your interests.

Something that all schools have in common, however, is a strong emphasis on understanding and memorizing human anatomy and physiology. All massage therapists are absolutely expected to have a comprehensive understanding of the human body; they are expected to be experts. After all, one patient’s physical ailments could be the

Female students

In addition to taking classes, students are required spend a minimum of 100 hours worth of field training, acting as an actual massage therapist. I would have placed emphasis on minimum because this number varies greatly between states and in many cases the student will be required to practice for at least 200 hours or more. As mentioned earlier, students will also need to pass the written examination after completing the required fieldwork, so get those flashcards ready! If all goes well, they are on their way to being a Certified Massage Therapist within the respective County or State and in the right circumstances, this can be an extremely profitable profession.polar opposite from the next patient and if the massage therapist does not know what they are doing and/or something goes wrong during or after a massage, you’d better be ready to hear from a disgruntled client that isn’t scared to make a malpractice claim against you or the establishment you work for!

As a CMT, you can apply at day spas, gyms, and other establishments that post ads on Craigslist and LinkedIn looking to hire a massage therapist as long as they are within the county or state in which you are authorized to practice. At some point, if the idea of having your own practice becomes appealing – and it probably will – you would need to apply for a license which is a relatively easy process, but can take up to six months to receive. During this waiting period, you can expect an unscheduled visit from an inspector representing Department of Health. This person will perform a walk through towards the purpose of ensuring the absence of any safety hazards and of course they will check to make sure that all employees present at the time have certificates or licenses. This is why you are required to keep your certificates and licenses on the premises where you work at all times. Unfortunately, an inspector is not going to call you to set up an appointment because they want to make sure the establishment is properly run at all times; not just on the day of the inspection. Please refer to the Department of Health website in your area for comprehensive information regarding the inspections and what you can expect them to look for.


6 Skilled Trades to Consider for a Career

BlubeQuestionMark1Have you ever wondered why you are unable to take care of your common household expenses such as electricity bills? Perhaps you are in the wrong profession and that is why this is so. Today, there are numerous kinds of professions for skilled workers that can generate good income for you and family. It is very difficult to find skilled trade individuals idling around due to lack of customers to attend to. In fact, though there is an increase in the rate of unemployment, they are rarely found once you need them. This means that they are always occupied with work although. Why don’t you join this industry right away and do away with any kind of problem that comes your way? These kinds of trade skills can actually do you good especially if you take the route of entrepreneurial small firm or business venture. Below are some of the skilled trades you can consider practicing.


This is one of the skilled trades you can start with. If it becomes you favorite, you will be able to learn several (if not all) complicated plumbing techniques such as clearing drainpipes, dismantling and fixing kitchen sinks, and so on. Those aspiring to execute plumbing activities in future as their carrier normally involve themselves in practical activities that sharpen their skills concerning the same. You can be a plumber today.

Blue2Auto Mechanic

The career of an auto mechanic can be extremely rewarding to anyone with a passion for working on automobiles. In addition to the fact that it pays very well and is always in demand, it is always a bonus to be able to enjoy your job. It is also one other skilled trades available for you. It mainly deals with vehicles in general. Some of the skills you will be able to do involve repairing broken down vehicle parts, punctured tires and even how to clean the vehicles in the best ways possible. The courses offered that can help you learn these activities do not last long. It only depends on how first you can be able to capture ideas and techniques. After gaining some skills on how to carry out operations on vehicles, you will be exposed to simple repair activities as you gain experience up to the time you shall be an expert.


Every aspect concerning electricity is dealt with here. Even though many individuals fear electricity, the trade skills are becoming a major interest to many. You can as well join the league and become one of the electricians. Actually, there is nothing to fear, as everything concerning how to handle electrical appliances are properly taught by experts. You shall be able to undergo proper and consistent training with guided instructions from these experts.

Blue4Massage therapist

Do not be shocked to find it here in this list. As awareness of the many physical and mental benefits associated with massage therapy continues to spread, the demand for a certified massage therapist is on the rise and these services can be relatively expensive, which is always good news for the service provider. This has become one of the more popular skilled professions and there is an abundance of massage schools offering training towards the acquisition of certification. After completion of training, the student receives a certificate and becomes a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist). Finding a job is surprisingly easy for a CMT because an increased amount of job vacancies is always going to result from increased demand and growing popularity. A certified massage therapist can choose to either work within an establishment that offers massage services or they can create their own independent practice. Massage has a rich history in the world’s various cultures. Nowadays, individuals majorly make use of massage therapy for some functions related to health in general. Even though it lacks several conventional functions, some nations use it as complementary and alternative drug. Once trained to carry out massage activities, you can be sure that you shall attract many customers and the job you shall be doing shall have minimum risks.

Blue5Construction manager

You can also consider to choose this skilled trade. It is actually a good one if at all you got an interest in being a prolific construction manager. If this is the case, it is advisable to carry out some research where construction management courses are being offered and start learning skills straight away. There are also construction firm associations that can also offer you proper training. It will be a good idea if you contact them, gain skills as first as possible and start earning big.

Blue6Aviation maintenance

It forms the last in the top six list of skilled trade. It is a carrier that mainly deals with aviation technology, aviation systems and management. Aspiring candidates are taught aviation skills such as piloting, wiring, cleaning and repairing planes among many other operations.


Most of the above skills are mainly trained in various higher learning institutions like colleges and universities or specialized training schools. However, there are also a few high schools that offer some training in these areas but only at a very basic and introductory level. The causes take different periods depending on the level you would like to achieve. They also have different amount of fees paid and have trained technicians for the specific skills. After learning from any institution, it is better to get a license for the respective skills that you have. This is to help you get recognized by customers that truly you qualify to carry out jobs in the particular field you are.